Business of Blogging 101: St. Louis Blogging Workshop

The past 12 months have been chock full of wonderful opportunities for local fashion, personal style and lifestyle bloggers in St. Louis. 

Bloggers have the power to develop and nurture their own independent relationships with brands. As the season changes and new collections hit the racks, it's a great time to start building your blogging portfolio. On Saturday, March 8th, I'll be hosting "Business of Blogging 101" at Thirteenth & Washington. This class is geared toward new or emerging bloggers who are interested in approaching brands. If you're looking to secure a few collaborations this Spring but not sure where to start, this condensed class is for you.

Why am I hosting this class? As a long time casual, part time blogger I'm passionate about seeing growth in our local blogging community, especially around fashion and lifestyle. I also manage the Influencer Marketing Program at ALIVE Magazine where I've worked or am currently working with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saver's, the St. Louis Rams, the City of Memphis, Nadoz, The Face Company, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, Brown Shoe and other notable brands to produce collaborations or events with influential local fashion enthusiasts and bloggers. With a growing number of exclusive opportunities coming up in 2014, bloggers need to set themselves up to stand out from the crowd.

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This class will go through the basics of the business of blogging and participants will leave fully set up to approach and pitch brands in a professional and impactful way. Students will leave with this new knowledge as well as all the materials needed to start treating your blog like a business.

  • Industry Standards for Collaborations
  • Insider Information (Your content matters and yes, we can see your stats.)
  • Trade, Rate and Fee Analysis
  • Sales Etiquette and Pitch Writing
  • Legal Obligations
  • Analytics Overview and Basic Rules of Measurement
  • Digital Media Card
  • Branded Proposal Letter Template
  • Branded Agreement Template
  • Branded Invoice Template
  • Contact Information for 5 Brands Awaiting Your Pitch

All participants will be treated to a light brunch, coffee and mimosas and a special gift bag. This class is relevant to all new and emerging bloggers or any bloggers who have yet to develop their sales strategy and media kit. This is relevant to all types of influencers and bloggers not just fashion bloggers.

Bloggers interested in attending NYFW this Fall should plan to stay 30-60 minutes after the class ends to learn about September 2014 opportunities. You may also RSVP for free to only attend this portion of the workshop.