Practice What You Preach: Save Local Harvest

If every person on my Facebook feed who preached the gospel of a locally sourced, sustainable, organic lifestyle stopped by Local Harvest even once a month, the progressive St. Louis grocery would be well on its way to further expansion. Instead, Local Harvest has solicited the help of the community in an effort to stay in business. Their request is full of urgency.

Save Local Harvest St. Louis community fundraising

Why should you care? Local Harvest took a chance on a modest storefront on Morganford in Tower Grove South. Conscientious St. Louisans quickly fell in love with the grocery. And while we could count the ways we adore Local Harvest for hours, the original appeal was demand. In 2007 when they opened, you could hardly find almond flour at a mainstream grocer, and tempeh was restricted to Whole Foods at roughly the cost of your first born. They didn't just offer a solution, they were a part of a city-wide resurgence to make local, organic foods accessible.

Save Local Harvest St. Louis community fundraising

Do you remember every time a brilliant idea has dawned on you and you've thought to yourself "Wow, I should really do this. St. Louis needs this."? Local Harvest took that moment and made it a reality. What's more, they realized how many people really did need an independent organization sourcing their food and helping them learn how to eat healthy - and to eat well!

Their influence didn't stop there. Local Harvest played a vital role in making the farm-to-table trend an integral part of the St. Louis food scene and our city's culture.

The team behind Local Harvest took a chance because they knew their efforts would have a positive impact on the community.Here's the Local Harvest story from origin:

"Local Harvest Café and Catering began in 2007 as a tiny counter in our 900 square foot Grocery Store. Since then it has grown from just 7 employees to almost 50 – and our initial breakfast and lunch service now includes full service dinner and weekend brunch.

We have been, and still are, committed to being a positive part of our community – using green practices, supporting small local farmers and producers, donating to educational and environmental charities.

Local Harvest feels that knowing your food is of the utmost importance – we are dedicated to transparent and honest food production. We invite you to enjoy the delicious tastes of seasonal eating as well as its positive impact on our world."

We need more Local Harvests in the world. Not less of them.

How can you help? Taken from Local Harvest's website, the following steps will help them achieve their goal of raising $120,000:

1. Buy a gift certificate to be redeemed in early 2015. We will add 10% to the amount. If you buy a $100 gift certificate, it will be worth $110. If you buy a $500 gift certificate, it will be worth $550. $1,000 will get $1,100.

2. Buy a year-long punch card. For $100 you will get a punch card good for $10 a month at our cafes for 12 months. (a $120 value).

You can purchase the gift certificates and punch cards at any of our locations or call us at 314-865-5260.

You can also go to our IndieGoGo campaign page and make a pledge online. All gift certificates purchased will have 10% of the total added to them. 

I hope that you can contribute right now. If you can't, please take a moment to share this tweet from @SauceMag.