Top St. Louis Hair Stylist: Kristen Linares of Thirteenth & Washington Downtown STL

My hair is a disaster 99% of the time, namely because I only make trips to my heaven-sent stylist roughly 3-4 times annually. Basically, I don't go to Kristen Linares often, but when I do it's glorious. Like head massage-red-wine-mini-manicure-celebrity-hair incredible. I haven't given her quite enough love here on HU, so I thought she was due for a dedicated post. My photos don't do her work justice, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Kristen Linares Hair STylist Downtown St. Louis

Every year I go dark in the late fall/early winter. Kristen works wonders each time and I feel like I'm consistently having the best chair experience ever. (Hair x Scarlett Garnet c/o my thoughtful boss, Elizabeth.)

Downtown St. Louis Salons - Hair Stylist Kristen Linares

Kristen knows I like to keep my hair long, so she helps me maintain volume and texture through strategically placed layers and advanced cut and color techniques.

Best Stylist in Downtown St. Louis

And while I can't style my hair quite like Kristen can, you can see what a difference her cut and color makes! combined with a wide barrel curling iron my sister gave me for Christmas (yes, my first and only - no one said I was a beauty blogger), I'm feeling more confident about my hair every day.

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I'm sure this sets a record for too many photos of me in a blog post, so I'll get to the good stuff.

Kristen owns salon Thirteenth & Washington and is known by many as an influential member of the Downtown St. Louis community, entrepreneur and friend. Her spirit is inspiring to say the least, and there isn't a person who has met her who will tell you otherwise. She is as patient as she is kind. Her business savvy is impressive and there are few who balance that skill set with creativity like she does.

Kristen linares St louis

Kristen was featured in Bakers 2012 campaign as an influencer and even made an in-store banner in over 100 locations across the US. A lot of people fell in love with her at that shoot!

Kristen linares St louis

Kristen also styled and modeled in a Bakers product launch shoot in 2012.

Kristen linares St louis

Kristen Linares' salon Thirteenth & Washington is just as darling, with a creative space/work area for bloggers. Entrepreneurs of all kinds are welcome though, and she occasionally offers the space for free. She also hosted a private event during Saint Louis Fashion Week.

Kristen is also a beauty blogger and vlogger, with over 23,000 views on her videos. Her blog, aptly named Beauty & the Brain, offers more diverse content with just the right (heavy) dose of beauty and style. Kristen also works in support of the Downtown St. Louis community by contributing to the efforts of Friends of Lucas Park.

She's styled top models, worked on New York Fashion Week, traveled the world as an educator, is featured in every local magazine and has held some esteemed private clients.

If you think Kristen sounds pretty rad and would like to make an appointment with her, please visit her Facebook page and schedule via Style Seat (a tab under her cover photo). 

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