Wits + Beaux

You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear me raving about an independent fashion brand, so without any fluff please get excited about my new favorite menswear accessory line, Wits + Beaux.

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I'm lucky to have a dapper boyfriend who cares about his appearance and appreciates a good pair of socks. White socks? Gross. Gray socks with yellow polka dots will make all the girls love you. This is science.

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Socks are important. They function as a barrier so things like shoes don't annoy your paws. But also, cool socks make you instantly,  infinitely cooler yourself.

So, what's all this jazz about this Wits + Beaux? From the makers themselves:

"Wits + Beaux is a regeneration of tradition in a contemporary and fashion forward world. The wits and beaux of society were known for being thinkers, creators, and trend-setting gentlemen of fashion. They are our namesake and inspired us to create a company that would influence everything a man strives to be; confident, innovative, intellectual - and of course, the epitome of style. One Beau in particular, Beau (George) Brummell, is credited with first “suiting up” the modern man and combining the sport coat and tie as we wear today. Without Beau, the style-master behind full-length pants, we might be tragically sporting the high-water look. And so, with a nod to this history of sophisticated and stylish gentlemen, a line of curated and well-designed men’s accessories was born.

P.S. we support American and New York City Garment District manufacturing."

 So, why am I telling you? Two reasons.

FIRST, I'm a huge fan of prezzies. Getting prezzies, giving prezzies, helping people pick out prezzies for other people... All the prezzies. And contrary to popular belief, socks make AWESOME PREZZIES. Really. You know what doesn't make an awesome prezzie? White socks.

Let's review.

Wits + Beaux = Awesome Prezzie
White Socks = Poop

SECOND, I like supporting independent brands. When sharing a pair of socks with my readers helps a badass startup company build a viable business, you'll bet your bum I'm going to share my little heart out. And you should too. Remember that time someone helped you? Who cares, pay it forward. Help an independent brand get somewhere because they are awesome and actually out there doing something they love.

Wits + Beaux is currently raising funding so they can grow and grow and grow their business. You can help them by donating to their Kickstarter or sharing their Kickstarter. Donations start at ONE DOLLAR. You can afford that. I promise. And nothing is as rewarding as helping a small business.

Except, socks. And if you donate $35 you'll get 3 pair of them, plus a trend surprise. That's a $70 package, plus a thank you note - because Wits + Beaux keeps it classy.

Be sure to leave a note in the comments letting me know if you donated so I can give you a big e-hug and tell you how much of an incredible human you are for sharing your hard earned income with a brand who will appreciate the boost.