TEACH: Share Your Moment.

I believe moments make up our lives. Every moment is important, and none can exist without the last, or any past. All of our future moments are created by those which came first. Some are lost in passing, many are remembered fondly and a few shape our lives. For me, two of those future-altering moments were co-created by teachers.
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Growing up, I was smart but rebellious. In most subjects I tested well but hated homework. Except of course with math, at which I failed miserably. In my sophomore year, I was introduced to Mr. Curvy. Mr. Curvy provided the style of teaching I needed to excel, and the motivation and inspiration necessary to approach my work with both urgency and passion. Mr. Curvy was willing to take the extra steps with each of his students that were often avoided by other instructors. For the first - and only - time, I got an A in math. I was a B math student from then on.

But, what made Mr. Curvy so special was not just his brilliance in teaching, but his passionate approach to life. He loved his family and shared his stories with us regularly. Then, one day he told us he had taken a $10,000 pay cut to become a math teacher after having been an accountant. At the time, $10,000 seemed like a lot more than it does now. I was so moved that someone like Mr. Curvy would make a sacrifice, and would ask his family to carry that sacrifice with him, for a job. I was also concerned that the school district would not provide such an incredible teacher with a salary match. My worry was soon replaced with admiration as Mr. Curvy explained to concerned students that happiness is far more valuable than money, and that sometimes supposed sacrifices aren't that way at all. Math was his passion, and sharing that passion with his students was a series of moments that were surely aligned by the stars.

Later, I made a similar life move that directed me down a path toward happiness and a self-awareness of which I did not know I was capable. I think of that moment in class often when the weight of life is heavy and it motivates me to continue listening to the universe.

Teachers are often passionate people, but the education system in our country has led many inspired instructors astray, set countless students up for failure and let unqualified individuals into classrooms. Regardless of your point-of-view, TEACH is surely a film that will get you thinking. Change starts with the youth of the next generation, and it is up to us to rally for them.

Do you have a story that stands out to you? Who inspired you? What teacher made a difference in your life and why? Share your moment in the comments. 

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