My Style: South City Saturday (Featuring Boera)

This Saturday, I spent part of the afternoon enjoying a beer at my sister's house in Lindenwood Park. The beer, brewed by my brother-in-law, was great as always and the weather was perfect for taking advantage of their spacious South City backyard. Lauren and I played around with my camera, her cat Ace being the subject. (Poor Ace.)

Leather x BCBG
Black Leggings x Rack + Clutch
Shoes x H&M
Necklace c/o Boera
Watch c/o May 28th
Bracelets x Miss Ohio Vintage

Gunmetal necklace adidas logo jewelry
The Fecta Necklace x Boera has become a wardrobe staple. I receive compliment after compliment when I wear it - a welcome bonus. Designer Teresa Galindo is an absolute doll, making me even more happy to promote her genius jewelry designs.
St. Louis Fashion Blog

Lauren Pattan Cat
Poor Ace had to put up with our impromptu photo session.

st. louis blog
Tote c/o Neiman Marcus

Hazel2Blue and Boera are two of my favorite new brands. Hazel2Blue, a new St. Louis etailer, is fully stocked with bohemian basics and Pinterest-worthy frocks. Boera, on the other hand, is a chic, forward jewelry line designed by Teresa Galindo. Her collection is catching the attention of editors, bloggers and celebrities everywhere, as it should. My necklace receives countless inquiries - so much so that I requested a stack of cards to keep in my wallet. I went through all of them in just over a week.

That said, if you've seen my necklace and dig it, head over to Boera to browse Galindo's designs.