Where can I find this? Adventures in Shopping.

I'm known to spend a healthy portion of my Saturday searching terms like "street style" or "NYFW style" on Pinterest in hopes of catching some great inspiration. Typically, I become obsessed with a piece (like these insane printed pants that I NEED in my life) but, much to my dismay, cannot find the source. Networks like Twitter, Kaboodle and even Instagram or Facebook can be a little helpful, but countless items still fall off my radar when I can't find them right away. I've even got an entire street style Pinterest board dedicated to must-have garments with no source.

Cue The Hunt. 

The Hunt TheHunt.com Help me find this
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A few days ago, I discovered TheHunt.com, a fashion startup geared toward finding those ever-elusive perfect pieces. Whether you spot the blazer of your dreams while out on the weekend or you're Pinterest-obsessed, this service oriented platform is for you.

And it doesn't just stop at fashion. Need a braid tutorial? An inspirational interior design image? Want to know what nail polish your favorite celeb wore on the red carpet? TheHunt.com will track it down and deliver it right to you. And if it wasn't quite what you had in mind, they'll keep hunting.

Where can I find this? TheHunt.com
Start a hunt directly from your Pinterest board.

I know I mentioned Pinterest, but I should elaborate. You can start a hunt directly from Pinterest just by linking your account. This is amazing. (Seriously amazing.) Check out this special "Where can I find this?" board I've started just for keeping track of my future hunts.

Lastly, it's not just The Hunt's employees finding your gems. You can help too! All users help each other keep an eye out, and once they have a 'find', they share. I love this community concept!

Seen enough? Join TheHunt.com here by connecting your Facebook account or via email. Once you're logged in, be sure to link your social media accounts and update your profile image. Finally, click "Start a Hunt" at the top, and watch your shopping dreams come true.

I try not to ask too much of my readers, but I want to know if you join TheHunt.com! If you join, post a link to your account as well as your first hunt(s) in the comments!

More on The Hunt later, as they are a partner of mine! Expect to see some of my favorite hunts.