A Curated Shopping Experience with ShoeDazzle

Whether you're browsing for fun, collecting inspiration or doing some serious shoe shopping, sifting through countless product pages for the perfect pair can be daunting. As someone who takes retail therapy a little too seriously, I appreciate a simplified shopping experience at the end of a long day. Working in the fashion industry, I'm well versed on subscription based services, flash sale sites and other membership-driven shopping platforms, but only one curated footwear service has my seal of approval.

Enter: ShoeDazzle.

ShoeDazzle Showroom
ShoeDazzle provides a curated shopping experience.

Upon creating my account, I was prompted to take a quick, simple and refreshingly entertaining quiz. I selected my muse(s), my inspiration and my favorite footwear silhouettes, colors and other key elements. Within no time at all, I was directed to a carefully curated showroom - my showroom, which changes monthly.

Why does this matter?

When I come home at the end of a long day, and I'm on a desperate search for the perfect pair of textured sandals, chic flats (a really difficult one for me!) or desk-to-date pumps, I can go straight to my showroom and browse through a bevy of styles that fit my personality and unique aesthetic. Add a glass of red, and it's as though I've been transported to a private luxury suite with my own personal shopper (except there, I'd only be allowed to drink white...).

Does it actually work?

Remember when I said chic flats was a difficult one for me? I own a pair of canvas tennies and a couple smoking flats from last season. I've been in pretty serious need of daytime footwear for some time now. So when my showroom presented me with Lou, I took an extra big sip of wine and clicked the magic pink checkout button.

ShoeDazzle Showroom
How cute is Lou?! I'm in love...

Does it get better?

Of course, it gets even better! Because I have a VIP account, I had $19.95 in credit saved, on top of an extra 25% discount, making my order just $18.60. Add in VIP Free Shipping and I'm smitten. Definitely counting down the days until Lou arrives!

Heard enough?

Sign up for ShoeDazzle and take your quiz here. If you make your first purchase within two days, you'll receive 25% off your first pair. (Upgrade to VIP to enjoy the same savings I love!)