Oscar Red Carpet: Best Dressed at the Academy Awards

It's Oscar night! As much as I forget these things are happening until Giuliana is judging silhouettes and Catt Sadler is hosting an awkward spanx runway, I'm a sucker for live tweeting and red carpet attire. I'm kicking it up a notch in the form of a pseudo-live blog post featuring my favorite dresses of the moment. Maybe just one post, or maybe I'll get on some super celeb-high and publish three entries full of dresses that cost more than my car. We'll see. Now... onto the dresses! (And maybe some suits?) Catch me on Twitter to join the conversation and follow #OscarSTL. OR leave a comment below and let's chat red carpet.

5:10 PM - E! News is doing their thing and Kelly Osbourne is super giggly in Tony Ward while Giuliana Rancic is rocking Rafael Cennamo (remember all those fancy gold dresses from my NYFW coverage? That one.) Images by Getty and WireImage from E! News.

Kelly Osbourne Oscars Red Carpet 2013 Dress Designer Tony Ward
Kelly Osbourne. Dress Designer: Tony Ward. Oscar Red Carpet 2013

Guliana Rancic Oscars Red Carpet 2013 Dress Designer Rafael Cennamo
Guliana Rancic. Dress Designer: Rafael Cennamo. Oscar Red Carpet 2013
5:27 PM  - Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams hit the red carpet in polar opposites. Chastain's dress designer is Giorgio Armani while Amy Adams goes for fantastical in Oscar de la Renta. Images from Huffington Post.

Jessica Chastain Dress Designer Giorgio Armani Oscar red Carpet 2013 Academy Awards
Jessica Chastain. Dress Designer: Giorgio Armani. Oscar Red Carpet 2013

Amy Adams Dress Designer Oscar de la Renta Oscar red Carpet 2013 Academy Awards
Amy Adams. Dress Designer: Oscar de la Renta. Oscar Red Carpet 2013

5:37 PM - Catt Sadler is also enjoying a Rafael Cennamo dress. Kelly Rowland is wearing Donna Karen Atelier.
Kelly Rowland Dress Designer Donna Karen Atelier Oscars 2013 Red Carpet
Kelly Rowland. Dress Designer: Donna Karen Atelier. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
Oscar Red Carpet 2013 Reese Witherspoon dress designer Louis Vuitton
Reese Witherspoon. Dress Designer: Louis Vuitton. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
5:49: Zoe Saldana and Octavia Spencer hit the red carpet and guess who they are wearing...
Zoe Saldana Alexis Mabille Couture Designer Dress Red Carpet oscars 2013
Zoe Saldana. Dress Designer: Alexis Mabille Couture. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Octavia Spencer oscar 2013 red carpet tadashi shoji
Octavia Spencer. Dress Designer: Tadashi Shoji. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
5:56 - Jennifer Lawrence is being a weirdo at the mani cam and everybody loves it. Who is she wearing? Dior Haute Couture.
Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013 Dior Haute Couture
Jennifer Lawrence. Dress Designer: Dior Haute Couture. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
6:09 PM -  Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That is all. Wait, no... Also Helena Bonham Carter in nothing surprising. Plus Amanda Seyfried (swoon) and Sally Field (She still has it!).

Amanda Seyfried Oscars 2013 Red Carpet
Amanda Seyfried. Dress Designer: Alexander Mcqueen. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Sally Field Oscars 2013 Red Carpet valentino
Sally Field. Dress Designer: Valentino. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a babe. Oscars Red carpet 2013
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Babe alert. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
Helena Bonham Carter Oscar Red carpet 2013
Helena Bonham Carter. Designer coming soon. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

6:35 PM - The top ladies are hitting the red carpet and it's no surprise they're in some of the best dresses. Except Adele. It's classic, yes... but I'm getting bored. Does she always wear the same dress or is it just that her dresses are never memorable enough to notice?

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Couture Red Carpet Oscars 2013
Charlize Theron. Dress Designer: Christian Dior Couture. Oscar Red Carpet 2013

Adele Oscars Red Carpet 2013
Adele. Dress Designer: Who cares... maybe Talbots Couture? Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Jennifer Aniston Red Carpet valentino oscar 2013
Jennifer Aniston. Dress Designer: Valentino. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

6:57PM - Emily Iovaldi of Fox & Gypsy points out Charlize Theron's similarity to Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes. Who do you think wore white best? 

White dresses on the red carpet formal white long dress peplum
Who did white on the red carpet best? Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow or Anne Hathaway?

7:00 PM - I'm really sleepy from all this live blogging and now I want to go to bed. Does anyone have some wine? I need some wine.

7:01 PM  - I guess Anne Hathaway just irritates the crap out of everyone. Are you Team Anne?

7:19 PM - Loving these dresses but I can see a couple getting sass from the fashion police. What do you think?

Emmanuelle Riva oscar red carpet 2013
Emmanuelle Riva. 

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney oscar 2013 red carpet
Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Naomi Watts red carpet oscar oscars 2013
Naomi Watts. Dress Designer: Armani Prive. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.

Quentin Tarantino and Lianne Spiderbaby oscar red carpet 2013
Quentin Tarantino and Lianne Spiderbaby. Oscar Red Carpet 2013.
10:45 PM - Thanks for hanging out guys! I'm happy to have you, always. Let's continue the conversation. First, if you see any dresses sans designer, share your knowledge! A couple I still don't know at all, a couple I left blank out of curiosity/laziness. Second, let's provoke some thought:

-Would you wear a formal dress to a fashion show at Saint Louis Fashion Week?
-Would you wear any of the above?
-Did anyone get it WAY wrong?