NYFW: Kate Spade Spring 2013 Presentation

This NYFW, I didn't apply for any shows, or RSVP to a single invite. So when STL Fashion Blogger Holly (Mint Julep) answered the phone and asked me "Would we like to go to Kate Spade?" Um, yes. She  received an invite to the sugar sweet presentation thanks to a very helpful model friend, and I was lucky enough to be her +1.

To go on and on about the collection's likeness to picnicking on a giant rainbow of love, candy and bow ties would be seemingly appropriate hyperbole, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet (pun intended). The girls were all cute. But pretty too - the perfect canvases for shorter, louder versions of several decades' signature mini-dresses. If the sixties and the eighties had a lovechild and a yacht. It's like that. But better.

The collection was actually made up of really beautiful, playful pieces donning stripes, gingham, color blocking, bow ties and more. The mood was pink, and it worked. It was warm and inviting and there wasn't an ounce of negative energy in the room. That refreshing ambiance radiated from the flowers, the lighting, the people and every last look and detail. Also, this totes adorbs lady below was my favorite model. She was so sweet and had a darling, subtle smile while the rest were grimacing, balling their fists and rocking in their heels, definitely ready to hop off the riser after a couple hours standing in the same place.

Leave it to Kate Spade to make me get all gushy over my least favorite vintage inspired dress style ever. This color blocked number is so fresh and so clean clean - I need it.

Sadly, we were a little late to this presentation and barely made it before the models were relieved of their official stand-there-and-look-bored-pretty duties, so these are all the photos I was able to snap. And actually, most of them were taken on my iPhone 4S. I also owe Holly a little apology for being a terrible sass monger this entire day. I love you, Holly!

Do you dig the Kate Spade NY Spring 2013 presentation? Me too. Tell me what detail has your attention in the comments.

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