Brunch Made Easy: Baked Eggs In Mason Jars

 Entertaining is my favorite thing. That said, it's not everyone's forte - even if they are obsessed with the idea of hosting regular dinner parties, or garden parties, or whatever tickles their fancies. I think the fear of getting it all right - from the guest list, to the ambiance, to being able to serve everything while it's still hot - prevents a few of my favorite people from hosting fabulous soirees (or even quaint little dinners with friends). Not to mention, the post-dinner mess. You might have a crew that's down to get dirty when the noshing is done and dead and all that's left is a pile of crumb splattered china and greasy flatware. Some of us, are not so lucky. (Not that I can talk - I'll be stirring up dessert libations while my friends clear the table - I mean I'm not going to stop them.)

To fulfill your fantasies of friends surrounding your table, gushing over your ability to multitask and look like a supermodel doing it, I would like to unleash a secret weapon. (Disclaimer: I am very, very anti microwave. I succumb to its convenience more often than I would like to admit - even heating up leftovers is better done on the stove, or in the little miracle that is your toaster oven. However, the microwave is a pretty fantastic tool if you're not used to cooking for a group. I encourage you to try the baked version of this simple recipe, but I promise to withhold judgement if you choose to go that route. This is, after all, supposed to be "Brunch made easy".)

Baked Eggs in Mason Jars St. Louis Food Blogger Lindsay Pattan Fashion Style

Above. is a mason jar. Chances are you have several Pinterest boards dedicated to the mysterious wonder that is this nifty little creation. Its versatility is only rivaled by its unparalleled cute factor. The mason jar's ability to make anything adorable is nearly supernatural. It's also super cheap.

Baked Eggs in Mason Jars St. Louis Food Blogger Lindsay Pattan Fashion Style 

Eggs and bacon are king and queen of the breakfast world. They are also almost universally enjoyed, so even picky eaters can appreciate. Consider these your palette. You can do anything you want from here on out. Any blend of cheeses, vegetables, herbs, meats or sauces will probably taste amazing. 

Keeping it simple, spinach and goat cheese is relatively inexpensive, and liked by most. Plus, they look super cute together, eh? Now for the recipe.

Step 1. Preheat oven to 375.
Step 2. Get all your ducks in a row. And by ducks I mean mason jars. Grease 'em with Earth Balance.
Step 3. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients to be served hot (1 egg, 1 piece of chopped half-cooked bacon, 1/8-1/4 cup cubed ham and/or 1/4 cup veggies, 1/2-1 teaspoon herbs per jar.) Salt and pepper to your liking.
Step 4. Fill each jar about 3/4 full.
Step 5. Place jars on a baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes. Eggs are done when tops have browned. Or ... Microwave up to four jars at a time - 1 minute for each. Check every 2 minutes.
Step 6. Remove from oven and add cold toppings. I prefer 1/8 cup spinach and 1 tablespoon goat cheese. Top with balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper, or the sauce/dressing/herbs of your choice.
Step 7. Let cool for one minute or if you want to serve immediately, tie a bandana twice around each jar. 
Step 8. Serve on a wooden board with 2 slices farm toast. Offer Earth Balance (not in the container, people) and local jams on the table.
 Step 9. Just so you guys know, these keep for about five days. Which means you can throw them in the fridge and zap them for breakfast each morning. Just. Saying. Also a great gift for new parents or someone going through a hard time. Breakfast is good for the soul.

Baked Eggs in Mason Jars St. Louis Food Blogger Lindsay Pattan Fashion Style 
 Ta Da! Cute right? While I prefer to mix mine with lots of veggies and bake to the top, this version is the simplest. Zap the eggs and bacon, add greens, cheese, balsamic and pepper. Serve. It takes literally three minutes. Literally.

Why else is brunch so easy? The most basic mimosa has two ingredients, both of which can also be enjoyed alone. Coffee has one.

Hope you dig the recipe. Let me know if you try it! I'll post my fancy pants (not really) veggie version as soon as I make it again.