My Life via Instagram (Or: Instagram is My Life. Sad.)

Outfit photos (almost) + random details + too much coffee on the daily = my life via Instagram. Be keen to save the pity for later posts as they will surely get more depressing as time goes on.

In other news, I actually really like these ensembles. Enjoy?

 Peter Pansy
 Laptop + Shoes = Forever.

I actually went out on a Saturday night and all I got was this lame bathroom pic.

 Just running into models at a bowling alley, no big.

 Givin' you the creeps since 1986.

 Why yes I did force the hostess to take this picture. And by "force" I mean "asked politely". It's different when you're giving her two bottles of vodka, anyway. Anyway.... I don't drink vodka.

More soon? Pehopes, merhaps.