Three Day Weekend

Right now, I feel so spoiled and refreshed. After taking a vacation day Friday, I spent the next two days relaxing with my man, shopping - and buying an adorable new coat (outfit post to be photographed later today! yay!) - and preparing my costume for Monday night's Trick-Or-Treating adventures with the little cousins. I think I'm going to be a lumberjack (Check out my awesome last minute lumberjack costume!) I also kind of want to dye the dog blue so I can switch over from lumberjack to Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. (The dog wont' have it...)

In honor of all things zen in my life right now, I'm going to chill out with a few favorite photos and songs. Sounds like the perfect post for my mood right now. Once you find your favorite video, head over to Heartland Underdog on Tumblr for some more photo goodness. (I also write for and, and curate photos for and - so if you were looking for some entertainment, there you have it!)

I'm more of an 'old favorites' kind of person in general, and it holds true with my musical preferences. I tend to lean toward what I know I love, but enjoy hearing new music as well.

Dark Was The Night is one of my favorite albums of all time:

Neko Case is an idol, a style icon, and an inspiration:

For some reason I really love this song:

It's hard to pick a single song by Nick Drake, but Day Is Done is a classic favorite of mine:

And finally, the namesake of MOV, Look At Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch"

There are some lovely music picks for today.... now head to Heartland Underdog on Tumblr for some photos.