Blog Overhaul

Lately, I've been scrolling through so many new (to me) fashion and style blogs and I am officially, completely, wholly inspired. As HU has started to warm into a special niche, I'm spending time designing the new website, complete with categories - something I've been telling myself to do for far too long to not have it up already. I've hired the likes of a should-be-a-super-model brunette to assist me in the design/code bits I cannot handle myself.

The new blog, which should be unofficially up within a couple weeks, will include special sections for new regular features. If all goes as planned, it will look like this:

1. The Blog.

The first section is to be filled with journal-style entries featuring my own inspirations, personal tastes, style/fashion opinions, mood boards, life updates, random reviews and so on. This section is mostly about me, and my tastes. It is a history of DIY projects, day dates, shopping trips, outfit posts and occasional pointless rambling.

2. Street Style

While I've failed to think of a better name for this collection, I do completely plan on photographing great outfits and sharing them with my readers. I've recently taken a couple shots of some feature-worthy femme fatales to get this bit off to a great start. With the Miss Ohio Vintage store opening in only a week and a month, I'm sure to be in the presence of plenty a fashion hound... and I will chronicle it all the way.

3. Features

This chapter has me a little torn as of late. While I have plan to interview and spotlight favorite style bloggers, I also must include artists, bloggers of other genres, and.. here's where it gets sticky... St. Louis Boutiques & their owners, and exceptional St. Louis citizens. I think I can fit these all into one category.. but it may be necessary to subdivide into multiple sections... the question is really where to draw the line. I could put all St. Louis features into one folder, and all non-STL submissions in another. But what about the St. Louisans that break the web barrier as well?

Those are my pages as it stands now, but I'm still working out the details in my head. Should I include all posts on my personal blog? Or  should I keep it separate but include all on the landing page?

I need advice from fashion & style bloggers and readers! Lend some insight and I will definitely take your thoughts into consideration.