Ad Campaigns - Spring/Summer 2011

Ad Campaigns! I can't wait... More photos, "first looks" and other ads are being released almost every day. And all are drool-worthy (except fashionistas don't drool, excuse me). The best part of the year's ads are the motivated editorials that surface up from the underdogs. 

A few of my own inspirations..

First of all... Valentino. As in Valentino's 2011 Ad Campaign. You know how Opening Ceremony, along with most other credible Fashion-Future-Tellers, say timelessness is the way to go - even when everyone's trying so hard to be futuristic, innovative, eccentric and wholly unique? Well Valentino has found the perfect balance, which shows brilliantly in their new ad campaign. With Freja Beha Erichsen, Julia Saner and Caroline Brasch Nielsen gracing the operation in the gorgeous, feather-light pieces of Spring/Summer 2011, Valentino is sure to influence and inspire many an editorial this season. Not to mention ensemble after perfect ensemble in Paris, Milan, New York and the like..  and of course, a few here in St. Louis (Ahem...).

See beyond-words model Julia Saner in all her Valentino glory - and his private home - here (By David Sims):

Is that not a perfectly balanced garment? Space age meet classic style.
 And she is breathtakingly classic and oh-so-doe-eyed.

I'm also still crushing on Freja Beha Erichsen, also of Prada, Valenciaga, Zac Posen, Miu Miu, and Sonia Rykiel, and many, many more. According to wikipedia, she was discovered on the street by an agent in a taxi. I love it! I especially adore her Vogue Nippom ensem from back in July. See Terry Richardson's editorial "The Untold Crime" (old), which was styled by George Cortina. And I am SO very happy to be adding more of this to my closet (a la DVF Pre-Fall 2011).

And while that last bit may have referenced some older stuff, I'm excited to see the ad campaigns, editorials and underground creatives inspired by this trend. Versace went a similar route in their recent shots with January Jones.

 January Jones for Versace Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign:

I'm also excited to see more from Balenciaga (featuring Gisele Bundchen). While they're not my favorite, Balenciaga's future/classic ratio hints toward balance at war... in the best way. Color, texture, and shape span genres and eras in the same photo.

Plus, I love capes. And Gisele. And the whole marketing/fashion thing really peaks my interest, so you know... I'm really looking forward to the rest of their campaign(s).

I could go on.. I want to go on.. but I have a boyfrriend and a kiddy cup of fudge brownie extra chocolate ice cream and a 105 pound dog that need my attention. (Not all at the same time.)

P.S. I'm one step away from owning my Danys - Yay! Cross your fingers, please!