Looking back on Spring 2011

With Spring being only a few months away, many designers, boutiques, and other fashion-related organizations are shooting their March-through-May campaigns now. I've been lucky enough to have my hand in art directing or styling a few, as well as providing some wardrobe via Miss Ohio Vintage. Recently we've been graced with a couple editorials, and of course the promotional materials for Escape To Reality Fondation's March benefit/fashion show, Destination Design. 

Even more exciting, I've already had a few of my favorite clients call about putting together their own Spring wardrobes.... as fashion invades the Midwest a little more whole-heartedly than it has in the recent past, heartlanders are paying more attention to the three essential fashion guidelines: CUT, COLOR, TEXTURE (or fabric/material, if you will).  

Fashion enthusiasts have international open access to all the great designer collections released at fashion week shows each season, which most of my friends, clients, readers, favorite bloggers, peers and coworkers sift through relentlessly. And the ready-to-wear collections are a perfect source for toning down your favorite feather-slash-diamond-slash-meat-adorned  hooded cape into something you may actually wear, possibly even more than once.

So, as I'm finishing up my reading/gawking/envying/lusting/hoping/wishing for the Pre-Fall 2011 collections, I'm also peeking back at Spring 2011. Watching the colors gracefully transition from Spring into Autumn is like standing in a well-designed room and peering into the next completely different but perfectly complimentary room. The colors, the materials, the cuts are all flowing flawlessly from season to season. The 70s shapes and silhouettes seen in Spring brilliantly shift into Pre-Fall with the blues, yellows and greens fading from bright, blossoming shades into softened, but ripened hues of mustard, turquoise and pea-soup. The neutrals of Spring are understated and muted while the fabrics, cuts, and patterns take the lime light.

Take a look at some of my favorites from last year's Spring 2011 show. These pieces have truly influenced my thoughts on my own wardrobe for Spring.

The fur accents from Winter 2010 transform into feathers in Spring 2011, and back to eccentric multiple-tone coats in Pre-Fall 2011. 

The high-waist of the 70s is complimented by the drop-waist of the 20s in both upcoming seasons, and the feathers, sequins, silvers and occasional beads seen in Spring 2011 top off the era feel.

Acne does the crop-top right, pairing with loosely fitted dresses and skirts. We see patent on knit, satin on canvas, silk on feathers and other contrasts repeatedly working together in perfection. White-on-white, bold lace and unique embellishments create a truly magnificent yet wearable ensemble.

Military, although it often looks a little more marching band, is still showing an influence. Black lace on muted colors continues to be a look of choice for adding edge to femininity .

I'm going to keep enjoying huge scarves, faux-fur, big bouncy coats, gloves, hats and the like.... but I'll be on Spring in full force.