winter, i love these:

I remember when it became clear that champagne, nude, brown, tan, black, navy and cream tones were going to be the it colors for fall... all my favorites.. and in the best season too... Now I'm obsessed with the sassy feminine look, like dark leather on light lace.

Or when I'm feeling a little more femme fatale, I like this great dress from Diane Von Furstenberg.

And I LOVE these pieces, especially the sheer black skirt and pants. These items are part of the Take Care Clothing from Jessica Harwood. I love. LOVE!

I can't wait to go shopping. I plan on spending the following hour(s) (days, week...) creating new ensembles, mixing and matching all the great pieces with my existing wardrobe.. and of course all the new shoes that will be filling my closet now that I work for a shoe company. Thank. You.