My Style: Over The Knee Socks + Bandage

I'm losing daylight here in St. Louis and either my camera is cranky or I'm a ghost... Whichever, my self-shots aren't happenin' this afternoon.

But I promised an outfit post, so you'll have to grin and bear the janky shots.

You'll never catch me tight-less, but this over the knee trend is a good balance.  And this super great skirt (that I got for a whopping $5) is just long enough for me to justify a little bandage in my life. 
The killer pumps are the Rayla from Bakers.

Sorry for the photo fail, but you like it right? Or at least you understand. This outfit came out of my impulse by at the 40% off clearance sale in Francesca's Collections yesterday. But my grand total for the whole outfit was about $90.

Jacket: $15 at Francesca's Collections
Pink Top: $15ish at H&M
Bandage Skirt: $5 at Francesca's Collections
OTK Nylon Socks: H&M (3 for $4.95)
Rayla Platform Pump: Available for $79.95 at Bakers Shoes
Black Bead & Ribbon Necklace:  $4 at Francesca's Collections